Other wealth services

As holistic wealth managers our purpose is to provide high-quality services for high net worth individuals at keen prices across all their needs. Where we cannot provide the service ourselves, we refer to trusted third parties.

Ringmaster role
‘Holding the ring’ does not mean doing everything, or having all the required expertise, but it does mean ensuring that all the support services for personal wealth are in place and that connections between them are made when they need to be made. In this trusted capacity, we are more financial planner than portfolio manager, because of the broad, holistic scope of the support services and the benefits of one firm being aware of everything.

Though that often means working with a framework of existing agents, such as family solicitors and accountants, it may involve us making recommendations to change or add to the framework where we have any concerns.

How we get paid in such a case varies between explicit charges for our time or no remuneration if appropriate (but not fee sharing).

Specific services                                      

Will writing and power of attorney 

Foreign exchange services 

Residential and commercial mortgages 

Equity release 

General insurance for high net worth individuals 

We can advise on the most appropriate firm, or a short list of firms, based on your particular circumstances and needs, in each of the following areas:

Legal services

Accounting services

Tax consultancy services