Careers at Fowler Drew

Fowler Drew has constantly been at the leading edge of wealth management thinking in the UK. Recruiting both within and outside our industry, we have created a challenging and collaborative culture that raises everyone’s game who works here. We aim to set the bar for both technical integrity and business ethics. That is reflected in the shared values of all staff. Our small size allows us to be more creative and responsive in meeting our staff’s different needs and preferences for ways of working. We have loyal and appreciative clients who see the quality of our people and the respect we all have for each other.

Current opportunities

We are actively searching for business developers, financial advisers and relationship managers to drive and support growth in our client base. We want to hear how you would best like to work with our highly-differentiated ‘franchise’.

    The Fowler Drew ‘franchise’

    A franchise-like business format offers freedom and flexibility within constraints. The constraints apply to the product and operating processes that help define the brand – in our case:

    • a fully-integrated system for goal-based financial planning and discretionary portfolio management
    • competing effectively with top-selling brands for the best quality of clients with exceptional retention rates
    • the right value proposition for today’s growing aversion to high costs
    • technology-driven processes meeting regulatory best practice

    The value to client and staff alike depends on the product and processes being tightly controlled, to protect the brand.

    The freedom and flexibility is around how this is taken to market, which markets, where you operate, your support needs and the form of your contract with Fowler Drew.   

    The business development roles

    Over the next few years our aim is to attract talent with a mix of ways of working, depending on personal preferences and the balance the firm then needs:

    1. Pure lead generators 
    2. Self-starter marketers with an ongoing relationship management role
    3. Qualified advisers (preferably Chartered) with both marketing and relationship management skills

    Relationship managers, whether or not also qualified advisers, benefit to some extent from having clients assigned to them that originate from the efforts of others, typically from digital marketing and client referrals. They also benefit from the firm’s existing network of connections. 

    The digital nature of the firm’s processes means we are not restricted by location. We are London-centric only because that’s where we’ve recruited to date. 

    Investment management roles 

    The client-facing roles above are supported by the team that carries out the firm’s discretionary management service. Both portfolio managers and relationship managers work with the same quantitative processes, powered by the same modelling. Recruitment to the investment team is partly from quantitative finance, typically institutional rather than retail, and partly from wealth management firms.

    We have no near-term plans to expand the investment team. 


    We have no current vacancies in operational roles.